Alphaville @ Whisky a Go Go – Box Sets!

  • Alphaville – Live at the Whisky a Go Go Box Set!

  • Alphaville First Complete Box Set- 4K Blu Ray/DVD/CD & Photobook

  • Professionally produced Box Set – reserve yours now!

  • Status Update of Box Set: The Box Sets are being printed now! We expect shipments to start in Mid-December time.
Alphaville – Live at the Whisky a Go Go
Professionally produced by an Emmy award winning director in 4K HD
**This is Very Limited & Will Sell Out** Total of 2500 copies (Less than 2000 remain!)

  • May 25/26 concert nights in 4K HD Blu-ray/DVD; Taped live at the Whisky a Go Go! (view samples!)
  • Complete Audio tracks from both nights on CD
  • Total of 47 songs (view set list of each night)
  • Forever Young album – Live at the Whisky a Go Go!
  • Commemorative hardbound book – 100+ pages (featuring celebrity photographer Guido Karp). View Samples
  • Behind the scene clips and pictures.
  • Packaged in a very unique high quality box to commemorate this very special event.
  • Expected delivery time- 3 to 6 months after the May 25/26 concerts
  • Shipping costs included in the price
  • Reserve Early and Save– While supplies last (less than 2000 right now), the price is $220 with shipping.  Once the Box Set is produced, the prices will be increasing to $250 plus shipping. Purchase early and save. Payment plan available.



Set List of the Nights:


Fantastic Dream, Dance With Me, Song 4 No 1, Rendezvoyeur, Monkey In The Moon, Apollo, In The Mood, For a Million, Elegy, Flame, Danger in your Paradise, Universal Daddy, Ascension Day, Euphoria, Beyond The Laughing Sky, Summer In Berlin, State of Dreams, Red Rose, The Jet Set, Faith, Lies, Big in Japan, Lassie come Home.


Leben ohne Ende, Fools, Fallen Angel, To Germany with Love, Blauer Engel, Nevermore, Gravitation Breakdown, A Handful Of Darkness, Heaven On Earth, Welcome to the Sun, Jerusalem, Heartbreak City, I die for you today, Next Generation, Iron John, Summer Rain, House Of Ghosts, Around The Universe, Romeos, A Victory Of Love, Sounds Like A Melody, Forever Young, Anyway, When I’m Sixty-Four.

In Concert

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In Concert

Limited Box Sets available – Get your

Box Set Now (DVD & CD of both shows, CD Audio & photo booklet)

Only 2500 copies will be available (less than 2000 remain now!) 

This Commemorative Box Set Includes: Blu-ray disks, DVD disks, CD Audio of each night & Photo Book (book will include photos taken by celebrity photographer Guido Karp and sponsored by SIGMA Foto)!

Please note: Boxes will be shipped out between 3 to 6 months after the show in May. in the meantime, you may sign up for Streaming option!

Option 1: Pay using credit card

Option 2: Pay using PayPal




26 Replies to “Alphaville @ Whisky a Go Go – Box Sets!”

  1. Will the audio problems that were in the streaming be corrected? the little silences in the songs and the cut in anyway? thanks

    1. Hi, the streaming was a live mix. The Box Set audio/video will be master edited to the best quality possible. The audio was recorded on 60+ channel recording, and the video was recorded in 4K quality. so the end product will be of best quality. By the way, where exactly did you see the issues on streaming? Would help to know the date/time/minute you are referring to.

  2. I purchased via PayPal during the concert weekend ( to get signed edition). I have not received any confirmation of my order yet from LAConcertgroup. Just a PayPal confirmation of my payment being made. It would be nice to know my order is confirmed?

    1. Hi Darryl, the Paypal purchase is the confirmation. We will send an email update as we have more information on progress of the Box preparation. Right now the Audio files are being mastered by Alphaville and our Los Angeles team is working on the video editing.

  3. Can we still get copies autographed by Marian Gold ……..??

    I’m in Australia so obviously i couldn’t be there …….

      1. Thanks lacwpadmin

        Buggar !!!!

        It was a little hard to get there from Australia ……..

        No chance of any more becoming available …….??

        I’d kill for one !!! Well ……… maybe not quite kill but ……


    1. Hi, we are now waiting for the final mastered audio files from the band. Everything else is ready. Once we get the audio files (hopefully soon), we go into print, and then shipping. Our estimate is sometime in early to mid-November to be realistic.

    1. Hello Regis, we will be emailing updates on the progress (did you get the last email?)
      So we received the final audio mastered files from Alphaville last week. We are not going to the printing phase (of the boxes, Cds/Dvds)
      We should be going to shipping phase in December sometime (by early-to-mid December).

    1. Hi Dan, not yet- we pulled back the marketing until the boxes are ready for shipment. We expect shipment to start in December. we’ll be posting preview of the boxes soon. Do you have your copy?

    1. Hell Craig, have you not received our email updates about the status of the boxes?
      Can you send an email to so we can make sure your email is on the newsletter list?
      The boxes are about to go to print. We expect the final product to be ready mid-late December at this point. Send us an email and we’ll make sure you are on the list.
      Note, all the fans who have purchased ARE already on the email list. Have you changed the email you are using? We sent the updates to the original email provided.

  4. Hi.
    I am a little bit confused.
    DVD or Bluray?
    If it is DVD….how did you manage it in 4K?

    Greetings from Germany

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