Alphaville Box Set Purchase Complete – Thank You!

Alphaville Box Set Purchase Complete – Thank You!

lacgwpadmin June 3, 2018

Thank you for your purchase!

Box Sets are shipping now directly from our China factory! Your new box will ship in 1 to  3 business days. We use FedEx for most of the countries where available. Otherwise China Post is used until the box arrives to your country, at which point your country post office takes over.

When shipped, you will receive a tracking number. Be sure to check the tracking until you get the box set. The post office may contact you by phone if they cannot deliver for any reason.

If you are asked to show an invoice for customs or if you have any other questions contact us at

And when you get the box and if you like it (we are sure you will), be sure to let your friends know- this is a limited production!

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