Streaming Alphaville – Live at the Whisky a Go Go!

Streaming Alphaville – Live at the Whisky a Go Go!

lacgwpadmin April 21, 2018


  • Professionally produced Box Set also is available – reserve yours now!

On Demand Streaming Option 

  • $10 – Basic (view for 5 days after your subscription)
  • High Quality 1080 streaming
  • see the entire 2 nights and parts of the Birthday party!
  • Note: Box Set is NOT included in Streaming Options

Alphaville – Live at the Whisky a Go Go
Professionally produced by an Emmy award winning director in 4K HD
**This is Very Limited & Will Sell Out** Total of 2500 copies (Less than 2000 remain!)

  • Friday night concert 4K HD Blu-ray/DVD; Saturday concert – 4K HD Blu-ray/DVD
  • Complete Audio tracks from both nights on CD
  • Forever Young album – Live at the Whisky a Go Go!
  • Commemorative hardbound book – 100+ pages (featuring celebrity photographer Guido Karp)
  • Packaged in a very unique high quality box to commemorate this very special event.
  • Expected delivery time- 3 to 6 months after the May 25/26 concerts
  • Note: Streaming is NOT included in Box Set Option.



Set List of the Nights:


Fantastic Dream, Dance With Me, Song 4 No 1, Rendezvoyeur, Monkey In The Moon, Apollo, In The Mood, For a Million, Elegy, Flame, Danger in your Paradise, Universal Daddy, Ascension Day, Euphoria, Beyond The Laughing Sky, Summer In Berlin, State of Dreams, Red Rose, The Jet Set, Faith, Lies, Big in Japan, Lassie come Home.


Leben ohne Ende, Fools, Fallen Angel, To Germany with Love, Blauer Engel, Nevermore, Gravitation Breakdown, A Handful Of Darkness, Heaven On Earth, Welcome to the Sun, Jerusalem, Heartbreak City, I die for you today, Next Generation, Iron John, Summer Rain, House Of Ghosts, Around The Universe, Romeos, A Victory Of Love, Sounds Like A Melody, Forever Young, Anyway, When I’m Sixty-Four.


Limited Box Sets available – Get your

Box Set Now (DVD & CD of both shows, CD Audio & photo booklet)

Only 2500 copies will be available (less than 2000 remain now!) 

This Commemorative Box Set Includes: Blu-ray disks, DVD disks, CD Audio of each night & Photo Book (book will include photos taken by celebrity photographer Guido Karp and sponsored by SIGMA Foto)!

Please note: Boxes will be shipped out between 3 to 6 months after the show in May. 

Option 1: Pay using credit card

Option 2: Pay using PayPal

Option 3: Pay using PayPal Installment Plan

Whisky A Go Go 2018 Box Set. Blu Ray, DVD, CD Audio & Photo book. Shipping to start 3 to 6 months after the show.
  Number of payments 4
No. Due* Amount
1 At checkout $50.00 USD
2 after 4 weeks $50.00 USD
3 after 8 weeks $50.00 USD
4 after 12 weeks $75.00 USD
Total $225.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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29 thoughts on “Streaming Alphaville – Live at the Whisky a Go Go!

  1. Hello. Im interested too about the box set how much the complete set box blu ray all night and cds live!!

    1. Hi Daniel, the box set is $220 (shipping included), and the streaming (live and until June 20 for replay) is $29.99.
      The purchase options for both are on top of this page.

  2. Thank u for awser me, what is total disc about setbox ?? two night are 2 blu rays?? plus two nights audio 8 cds?? ( 4cds every night? total 10 disc for 220 dolars?? im confused please explain me,
    Thank u

    1. Hi Daniel, the actual number of disks will depend on the length of the show (should be total of about 5 to 6 hours). Each box contains 2 blu rays, 2 dvds, 2 cds, and the photo booklet.

      1. Hi, did you subscribe for the Streaming or for the Box Set?
        The Streaming goes through PayPal. The Box Sets are processed through (our parent ticketing company- that’s why there are no “fees”).

    1. Each subscription can view it from 1 device on our website. that’s the only restriction.

    1. Through the post. The boxes are expected to ship as soon as 3 months after the show and you will get a shipping notice.

      1. I was meaning is it traceable, insured air mail? UPS, USPS, etc?

        Also, I want to buy streaming for both myself and a friend. How can I do that? Would I have to register an account on his behalf? I’d pay for both with my Paypal.

        1. Yes, of course it’ll be traceable. If in USA, we’ll use USPS. Overseas, most likely DHL or USPS international.
          For a separate streaming view, you need to register using his email.
          Each login will allow viewing on 1 device at a time.

    1. Hi, it’ll be of highest quality. we have up to 5 camera angles planned, and the sound is multi-channel recording from the live board.

  3. @Yes, of course it’ll be traceable.@
    As I understand everybody who pays for the box automatically will get a track number. Is it right?

    1. Hi, the shipment tracking will be provided when they are shipped, not right now obviously. Our estimate of shipment is between 3 to 6 months after this show today and tomorrow. Right now your order number is your purchase confirmation.

  4. Hello, i want to see the concert with the streaming option, but i not find it.
    Is it because it doesn’t work anymore?

      1. Ok, if I pay it at once, does it take the same time to arrive as with the installment plan?

        1. Hi, yes, we do ship to Spain. We ship to all countries.
          And if you purchase in full, the box will be shipped in a matter of days now- all boxes are ready now! We ship once a week.

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