Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan & Edith Marquez – Live in Burbank and San Jose!

Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan & Edith Marquez – Live in Burbank and San Jose!

lacgwpadmin February 7, 2020

Friday/Saturday/Sunday – October 1/2/32021 @ Burbank Starlight Bowl Amphitheatre & San Jose Center for Performing Arts. Opening Special Guest Edith Marquez!

Join us on October 1/2/3 2021 for an evening of over 3 hours of authentic Mariachi music under the stars @ Starlight Bowl Amphitheatre! Featuring the legendary 14 member Mexican folk ensemble of mariachi music – Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlán (founded in 1897 by Gaspar Vargas), who will be performing their all time classic hits. Joining Mariachi Vargas will be special guest Edith Marquez accompanied by Mariachi Los Reyes!

Patrons are welcome to bring outside food and soft drinks. Alcohol and additional food available on site. Group and child ticket discounts available.  So get your friend, and come on out for an evening of amazing music right in time for Cinco de Mayo!




10 thoughts on “Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan & Edith Marquez – Live in Burbank and San Jose!

    1. Hello Evelyn,We are actually moving the show to May 2021 (it looks like May 8th- close to Cinco de Mayo as we had originally planned in 2020), and we may add a 2nd night as well. So hopefully you’ll be able to attend.

      Please give us a few more days as we are finalizing the schedule with artist management and we’ll be announcing it soon.

  1. Hello,
    i purchased tickets for the Mariachi Vargas on May 2, 2020. I would like a refund since it’s unlikely that we will have the event anytime soon. How can i get a refund?

    1. Hello Leonel, nothing has been cancelled- only postponed until it is safe (no matter how long it takes). If you cannot make it to the new date, email and you will be placed on the refunds request list. Refund process for those who cannot make it will start when the economy is back to normal conditions.

  2. Please send me the name of the manger of your company. I will be referring it to my congressman and to a local news site to inform them how you have kept funds from people like myself requesting refunds.

    1. Hi Anthony,
      Thank you for the comment. Sorry to see you are misunderstanding the situation, and labeling it as “holding” money back. As we are not- the money is not in our hands to hold it back- it has all been spent on the various shows, and none of it can be returned to us since everyone is in the same situation. However, there is good news- given this situation, the government has prepared this grant option to help event venue operators and promoters with this situation. We will be applying for this grant, and receive it, then all the refund requests will be honored ASAP. You can read about the grant here (and this was supposed to open up back in February- but it is opening up end of this week for applying):

      Hope this information helps in answering your concerns. We’ll take care of everyone- just matter of time, given the amount of damages.

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